DTM Global Holdings
( Good people reinventing the future, and aspiring to create a better tomorrow for all )

DTM Global Holdings is a very dynamic, diverse and forward looking liquid ecosystem aimed at creating significant continuous value for all stakeholders through a path of sustainable growth. The entire DTM ecosystem consists of Edtech, FinTech, AI and machine learning, Med & HealthTech, Smart & Safe city , Cyber security & insurance, GigTech related businesses promoted by the D&O group and partners.

As an enabling ecosystem , the company is delivering and also aims to continually deliver forward looking innovative tech enabled solutions to the society and policy makers alike around the world, helping them shape a better tomorrow for the society of today, and the next generation to come.

DTM Global is of the view that economies across the world won’t able to solve all their problems through good governance or policy alone without a continuous value and wealth creation. The lake of prosperity is drying up, putting the global economic ecosystem under severe stress as evident from the rise in wealth and income inequality across the global human population, driving the global society further apart. And a business focused on creating and adding significant value on a sustainable basis for not just its shareholders, but also keeping the well-being of the larger society in mind is, what DTM is aiming to enable. This is where DTM Global as an ecosystem consisting of a wide range of technology powered businesses through a complementing and collaboration driven approach, is going to become a great enabler. And in doing so, create and capture value across the board for its entire diverse ecosystem.

The company firmly believes that, a success of a business enterprise is pinned on the potential future value of an idea and the ability of a team to successfully execute it. The higher the level of execution, the grander the success. DTM is built on three important pillars, people, strategy and execution.


Opportunity for Technological Innovation in Emerging Economies

Global Expertise of D&O, Local services customized to stimulate local demand

Holding structure for portfolio of Tech & Media companies in emerging economies like India

Create a permanent listed vehicle for opportune investment and monetization of innovative Technology and Media Assets